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A Hacker Gets His Money… Then Where Does It Go?

The UK is the second most likely country to be targeted by hackers and financial data is on the top of their target list. In 2018, British Airways was one of the companies who fell victim to a cyber attack and both company and employee data were compromised. No matter small or large, all businesses can be affected.

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You’ve Had A Breach, Now What?

Cyber breaches happen so often, that we have now become desensitised to the major cyber activity and security breaches that happen every day. Our cyber data and identity requires immediate attention to make sure it is safeguarded from cyber criminals and surprisingly it’s not hard to prevent a breach.

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How Can Small Businesses Stay Safe Online?

Sadly, small and medium business have been under attack from hackers in recent years and the attacks are rapidly increasing. Cyber security is a very serious matter and can have devastating consequences to organisations of any size. Cyber breaches could lead to a loss of important data, losing public standing or having to fork out money. We encourage small businesses to be prepared for potential cyber attacks.This can be through web safety awareness and data protection. Carry on reading to see how you can stay safe online as a small business.

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1 in 10 People Have Become a Victim of Cybercrime

It is a sobering thought that approximately 10% of the population have now experienced cybercrime or fraud in one way or another and what is more, you are 20 times more likely to be robbed by an overseas criminal as you sit using your computer or handheld device, than if you were walking down the street. In 2015 for example, six million people fell victim to online fraud or cybercriminal activity.

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How Gmail accounts are hacked… Google research reveals the ways 

Over a period of a year, Google researched ways in which hackers steal users’ passwords to break into their accounts. The research showed that 788,000 login credentials were stolen via keyloggers – which are tools that secretly record every key pressed – 12 million credentials were stolen as a result of a phishing attack, and 3.3 billion credentials were exposed by third-party data breaches.

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