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Catch issues before they become incidents.

Our monitoring service continually updates you on the availability and response times of your public endpoints, including IPs, URLs, and APIs. It allows you to maintain the best performance and end-user experiences for your websites and services.

Research shows that a site only has three seconds to load before losing 40 per cent of its visitors and research by Google found that a half-second delay was enough to annoy users and turn 20 per cent of users away. To safeguard a brand’s reputation and revenue stream, businesses need to conduct regular web performance monitoring on their web assets to prevent the costly loss of site visitors.

Many things can cause a website or web service to perform poorly. File quantity, file sizes, system architecture, and user variables such as location, device, browser type, operating system, and connection speed, all combine to form what could be a great or poor end-user experience.

With dynamic distributed content, performance problems can occur at any point as a result of site changes or failing or inadequate hardware. Third-party content often plays a role in poor performance, but identifying sluggish third-party content can be difficult without synthetic web performance monitoring.

Network delays due to an end-user’s location are a serious problem for many websites and services. For a synthetic solution to work as a true indicator of user experience, the tests must originate from a location near the site’s actual users. Using a service that provides a large network of checkpoints allows a site to designate where the checks originate. This provides data that better resembles the site’s actual user experience and helps identify location specific issues.

Real User Monitoring (RUM) is a passive approach to performance monitoring. It is passive because the monitoring only occurs when a user accesses a page running a RUM script. The RUM script gathers detailed information about the user’s environment and reports the performance that is experienced by the actual user. RUM reports on:

  • Load time
    • Time to first byte
    • Page ready time
  • Network duration
    • Redirect duration
    • DNS duration
    • Connect duration
  • Back-end duration
    • Send duration
    • Receive duration
  • Front-end duration
    • DOM duration
    • Render duration
  • Download time

Robust monitoring to reduce downtime!
Our smartmonitor platform will catch issues before they affect your website and potential online sales.

The performance data sorting options include page viewed, user location, browser type, operating system, and device type. RUM gives detailed insights into a site’s performance when the site is available, but its passive nature makes it an unreliable tool for uptime reporting and other alerting needs. Synthetic monitoring is better suited to alerting a company to uptime and performance issues, while RUM provides insights on how to structure the synthetic options and to get real insights into the site’s actual users’ experiences.

After uptime monitoring, performance monitoring may be the single most important type of monitoring a company can conduct. Synthetic Performance Monitoring and RUM offer active and passive monitoring allowing a brand to monitor their performance while seeing exactly how end users experience the site. The duel approach protects reputation and revenue.

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Website Monitoring

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Server Monitoring

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