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Around-The-Clock Protection By Skilled Security Analysts

A Security Operations Centre (SOC) provides real-time protection against cyberthreats that bypass security technologies like antivirus and firewalls – using advanced forensic tools, threat intelligence, and cybersecurity expertise.

Our fully integrated SOC Platform called NOMAD is designed to detect not only known threats, but the unknown threats hiding in the “grey”, which are not typically seen by traditional security measures.

Our ability to ingest from network, endpoint, and cloud sources and then enrich and correlate that data in near real time, enables our analysts to kill, quarantine, and isolate threats quickly on your behalf, usually within minutes.

Our analysts look into the forensic data around an event and turn it into something which is understandable to you. Beyond performing continuous disruption and isolation of threats on the network and endpoint, we ensure every notification from our security service is contextualised and actionable, before we escalate to our clients.

Technology can do a lot of the ‘heavy lifting’, sifting, and candidate signal generation for you, but humans are uniquely capable of knowing whether something is “weird good” or “weird bad.” And more importantly, they know what question to ask next.

Unlike traditional cybersecurity technologies like antivirus and firewalls, our NOMAD analysts look for threats, rather than waiting for the technology to send an alert. When an analyst sees something “weird”, they can apply logic and intuition combined with historical data and threat intelligence to decide what to do about it – something that technology cannot do on its own. This human analysis is essential in detecting unknown threats earlier, stopping cyberattackers in their tracks.

Managed detection and response (MDR) is one of the foundations of our service. It is built on our NOMAD platform which utilises partner and defence technology. NOMAD goes beyond other security services and unlike services from traditional security service providers; it proactively detects advanced targeted attacks, which have bypassed your existing perimeter controls.

We excel at helping companies that are struggling to deploy, manage, and use an effective combination of expertise and tools to detect threats, especially targeted advanced threats, and insider threats. We improve real-time threat detection and provide better protection than traditional security service providers.

MDR services are not delivered by most security service providers because they lack the security expertise or it does not fit their business or IT service management.

With NOMAD, you work with your security engineer, who tailors the MDR implementation to align with your exact security policies and operational requirements. We figure out the best method or device to use for security monitoring and response capability for you.

NOMAD helps you to detect issues ranging from compliance to malicious attacks without signatures.

It is designed to be the ideal tool to hunt for security threats and automatically correlates logs in real time from the devices and applications on your network, and analyses them against situational awareness sources like DHCP, Active Directory, Vulnerability Reports, and IP Reputation Databases, to produce actionable notifications that IT professionals can deploy quickly and easily.

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